The wallpaper is back, the Committee is big and getting bigger, year after year. Now it is no longer enough to have only same-coloured walls, we'll have colours and patterns. With a nice wallpaper, you can transform your space into something unique and personal. A nice wallpaper can give a room a completely new and exciting growth. Wallpapers are a great opportunity to give new life to your décor. However, Intermezzo goes a step further by including tapestries in the interior design by creating lamps and furniture using wallpaper. In this way, you create a three-dimensional world where lamps and furniture play a kind of hide and seek with the walls. You can select any type of wallpapers, unique wallpapers, graphic wallpaper, striped wallpaper, black and white wallpaper, retro wallpaper, vintage wallpapers, and romantic wallpapers that creates your own personal world. Give your home a new life today with our great REFRESH products.